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Yorda from ICO UE4 Animation System Demo

This material is for non commercial purpose only, and a fan-fiction based on the video game ICO™
ICO™ is the property of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ©2001-2020 All Rights Reserved.

This is V2.5 of a serie of demo test showing my journey through learning more and more complex animation systems, the goal being to pick up with the most recent ones like motion matching (Unity)/motion warping(UE4).
It's the final version of the locomotion/attacks animation system for Yorda Demo V2.
There will be no more tweaks after these ones for V2, except a very last one in another short clip for the Sitting/Stand Up animation.
Next step will be with a completly different animation system. See you soon for V3 !

Rémy BUSCAIL 3D Character Animator "Yorda Demo V2.5 Locomotion"
Mocap + Keyframing + Visual Scripting
Made with Maya, Advanced Skeleton 5 and Unreal Engine 4